Gold for football players of Technical school at School Olympics

In the hall  of the City Council of  Zrenjanin today Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly gave a reception of the team of Technical school from Zrenjanin in mini pitch football, which won the  first place at just finished IX Olympics of students of Serbia in Sremska Mitrovica. The reception  was also attended by the Principal of the Technical school, Milinko Babić,  Vojislav Matić, M.Sci., member of the City Council in charge of sport and Srđan Bogaroški, general secretary of Sport association of Zrenjanin City.
The success of  our team is even bigger  because it is the only medal for  our  City in team sports, and the winning team won all their matches competing with other 9 teams from the whole country.
Congratulating the students and Principal of the technical school, the President of the City Assembly emphasised the importance of sport.
- Unfortunately the economic crises affects mostly and badly culture and sport and it is similar in the whole world. We have been trying to to allocate the present available funds to all clubs, including village clubs, but also to school sport, and particularly to those  who achieve good results. I  appeal to all those who run business and who can afford to donate some funds for these purposes so we  reestablish a successful sport tradition of our  70s and 80s– says Marton. 

The Principal of the Technical school, Milinko Babić, as ex sportsman and football player was a trainer this time. He emphasises that sport is very important for the development of personality of young people. Regarding the competition in  Sremska Mitrovica he says:
- We are proud of being the first school in the City to win a gold medal in football at school Olympics. We will continue with further work on this to improve the quality and achieve best results.
Vojislav Matić, M.Sci., also an ex student of the Technical school, pointed out that sportsmen  were the best  "brand" of our city.
- Sport in the Technical school has always been important as much as science. This naturally has resulted in success and I sincerely congratulate to the team for this achievement.  - says Matić.