Taras becomes a ''European Stork Village''

Taras is listed as one of 14 "European Stork Villages", in 14 states, as it was announced during the  event called "Days of Storks", held in that village. The Manager of the German environmental foundation "EuroNatur" Stefan Ferger handed the Cetificate of "European Stark Village 2015." to the represetnativs of the local administration office Taras, Association of Citizens "Taras Storks" and  City of Zrenjanin, and the announcement  was attended by a  large number of the inhabitants of Taras and their guests.
"EuroNatur"  foundation was  established in 1987 and it is  engeged in environomental  activities all aorund Europe. Simce 1994 the Foundation has been supporting the European stark villages, and before Taras, this acknowledgement  wad awarded to 13 villages, in  13 states, accordint to the rule – one  state – one village.
Stefan Ferger reminded that Taras is the  village  with the largest number of white storks in Serbia, which  was highly recommending.
- More than  forty couples come here, which is a significant fact,but also what is important is that the inhabitants of Taras pay  particular  attention to the birds, take  care of them, respect and love them. Also children  are  engaged in these activities of bird protection   and therese were the reasons to  choose Taras for the Certificate of "European Stork Village" – said Ferger.
The event was attended by the representatives of " Society for the Protection and Studying of Birds of Serbia", which successfully supported  the village as the  candidate for this certificate. Provincial Secretary for Urbanism, Construction and Environment, Slobodan Puzović, Ph.D.  pointed out that the Secretariat has been supporting Special Nature Reserve "Okanj Pond" and other protected areas in this region, where Taras is situtated.
- We  have been supporting this tradition and area and  we are goitnto continue to do that in future, jointly with thelocal government and Taras Administrative Office,not only to preserve it but to promote and use in a sustainable way – said Puzović.
On behalf of Zrenjanin City Dubravka Bulovan Bengin "Taras – European Stork Village 2015. " saying that so  far Taras was rather  neglected but  that the current local government started to change that, providing the village opportunity to develop further.

"Days of  Taras Storks" included many activities, and children contributed  to it by their creative work  of drawing, poetry, folklore. Now entering the village you  can see the sign "European Stork Village", and  only a dozen of meters farther is the Stork Street  where most storks come. 
List of European Stork Villages:
Čigoč, Croatia
Nagybajom, Hungary
Rühstädt, Germany
Malpartida de Cáceres, Spain
Andrid, Romania
Mala and Velika Polana, Slovenia
Tykocin, Poland
Marchegg, Austria
Belozem, Bulgaria
Altreu, Switzerland
Eskikaraağaç, Turkey
Češinovo-Obleševo, Macedonia
Buzica, Slovakia
Taraš, Serbia