New Production Plants of the Italian Company ''Tehnostruture''

The Italian company “Tehnostruture” is building a production plant in the industrial zone "Ecka – Southeast” in our city, and this facility will give a new look to this business zone.
Today, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Čedomir Janjić and  his associates have met the representatives of the company and, after the talks in the Mayor’s office, visited the building site.
As the Mayor said the meeting  was the opportunity to discuss the further steps and  plans of the investor.
- Today we have talked about what we as  a local government can  do to support the investor and we agreed very quickly as well as we had agreed last spring when the land contract  had been signed. I good  bit of information is that new  plants are built in Zrenjanin which will  provide more jobs – said the Mayor.
He pointed out that “Tehnostruture” was the third Italian investor that would do business in our industrial zone which is a confirmation that Zrenjanin is a good place to invest in.
- I am glad to hear  the investors saying that they have good conditions and  cooperation with the local government. We have been trying to meet their needs, particularly at the start-up stage. In this case, when the  production hall is being built,   I am glad to hear that  the plans for the capacity  extension  are already made. – pointed  out the Mayor.
Giuseppe Verna, the owner and director of “Tehnostruture” confirmed that in the first phase 3.5 million Euros would be invested, but the intention is to invest up to 6 million Euros in the future period.
- Here the same production programme is going to  be manufactured, so it is not tje relocation of  our production from Italy  but  it is  extension, the steel constructions  produced here, which are used in the consturciton of  bridges, airports,  large shopping  centers etc are planned for the European market , first of all.
- Currently, we have cooperation with big multinational companies that are developing around the world. Those are serious companies we hope we will cooperate with them from Serbia as well – stated Verna.
According to his words, they have chosen Zrenjanin for investment because they liked the city, it is logistically covered and because they found unconditional support at the local level which was very important to them.
- At this first stage we are going to train 40 people,  25  of them will be engaged on full-time basis, and other  at the second stage. Naturally, most production is done by the machines which are operated  through software programmes which means that operators need to be qualified  for that kind of  work. Actually, the  most important part of the training will be in Italy where  people   will have the opportunity to   gain practical skills on the  same machines that will be used here - explained Giuseppe  Verna.