Regional Conference on traffic safety in Zrenjanin

The  City of Zrenjanin  hosted the regional conference named "Traffic safety on roads of Banat  cities and municipalities, particularly safety of children", held at the City Hall. The aim of the conference was the presentation of the information regarding safety and dangre for traffic participants in Serbia, i.e. Banat, as well as  emphasiing the activies to be done to improve the  traffic  safety.  

Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sc., the Mayor of  Zrenjanin City pointed out  the importance of such an event  expressing  his support to the efforts of the Agency for  Traffic Safety  of the Republic of Serbia, which  will result in a better cooperation with local governments  all over Serbia.
- Today  we have hosted the representaives of the Agency for Traffic Safety and the representatives of local  governments of this part of  Serbia: Sečanj, Žitište, Nova Crnja Kovačica, Alibunar, Pančevo, Plandište, Novi Bečej, Kanjiža, Kikinda i Kovin. The Agency presentedand  the  most important issues regarding traffic safety, particularly  safety of children, and contacts are made with the colleagues   from other municipalities, which is all essental for a good and frutful cooperation. We  are going to make  further efforts in future activities to  improve  traffic safety, as well as other segments of life in our city, but also in the  whole Central Banat district – said Ivan Bošnjak M.Sc, the Mayor of Zrenjanin.

Stojadin Jovanović, Director of the Agency for Traffic Safety of the Republic of Serbia thanked to the representatives of Zrenjanin City for the opportunity to organise the conference at the regional level and for the  joint success in solving traffic safety.
- Initiated by the Mayor Bošnjak, the Agency organised such a conference for the first time, to discuss the traffic  situation inBanat. Now it is up to us to continue this activty in  other regions too - said Stojadin Jovanović, explaining that Traffic Safety Act defines the options for cities and municipalities to organise traffic safety measures, and  the lcoal governmetns are responsible forthe devlopment of safety strategies and annual plans, which  shpuld include all necessary measures and acitvities to be undertaken.
- Statistical data  show  some improvement: total number of traffic accidents for  ten months has been reduced for 13 %,  the number of deaths is  lower for more than six  %. However, we are not  satisfied with that, since  for the  last year we have a larger number of hard traffic accidents - added Jovanović. Therefore, he pointed out, it is very important to organise conferences and trainings  like this one  in order to increase the safety of all traffic participants, particularly the  youngest.