The youngest basketball players on the ''Basketball Day''

The youngest Zrenjanin basketball players, born in 2001 and 2002, will compete on Sunday, 26 February, in the new sport hall at the tournament named "Zrenjanin Basketball Day", jointly organised by Sport Association of Zrenjanin City and Central Banat District Basketball Association – as announced at press conference in Sport Association today.
According to General Secretary of the Association, Srđan Bogaroški, this was a promotion of sport and healthy life providning an opportunity for the youngest basketball players from our City and surrounding villages to feel a true sport and basketball atmosphere in the new  sport hall.
Also this was the opportunity to discover new talents and to promote the tournament sponsors who provide medals, cups and other awards for the best. 
The member of the City Council, in charge of sport, Vojislav Matić, M.Sci. pointed out that the City supported the manifestation wishing to contribute to  the further  development of the organisation. In such a way young players are motivated to follow the tradition of celebrities such as Čabarkapa or Bodiroga, who stared  playing basketball in our city, just like these new kids .  
Seven clubs participated at the tournament including - Proleter, Uno Grande, Zrenjaninac, Petrovgrad (all from Zrenjanin), as well as Naftagas Elemir, Karađorđevo Banatsko Karađorđevo and Petrovgrad Melenci.