Marking of the Liberation Day

The Liberation Day of the  Zrenjanin City in the Second World  was marked by the laying of wreath at the monument   to Žarko Zrenjanin in Bagljaš.. 




The  72nd anniversary of the liberation of Zrenjanin City began by the reception in the Mayor’s office for the representatives of the  Embassy of the Russian Federation, the Army of  Serbia and World War II / SUBNOR/. 





The wreath  to the solders of the Red Army, who died in the battles for the liberationof Zrenjanin in October 1044 was laid by the military attaché colonel Vladimir Kornjejenkov, as well as the Chairman of Zrenajnin City Assembly Oliver Mitrović and Deputy Chairman Ljuba Travica, while the wreath  at the monument to Sonja Marinković, dedicated to the  people killed in  1941, was laid  by the representatives of the Veterans’ Association  SUBNOR.



Also the wreath at the monument to Žarko Zrenjanin  was laid by the Mayor Čedomir Janjić, Mayor Deputy Saša Santovac  and Jasmina Malinić, the Head of the City Administration, as well as the representatives of the Russian D delegation, the  Army of Serbia  and Veterans’ Association.




- The liberation day, traditionally marked in Zrenjanin, is very important day in the history of our  city. “On  2nd Ocober fascism was defeated   in our territory, our city was liberated and  a new part of history started. Naturally, I will repeat it that we are proud of all the  people who took part in the liberation of the city and our country – said the Mayor  Janjić.




Speaking  about the importance of this day, Vladimir Kornjejenkov said.



- The liberation was organised by the commander of the Second Ukraine font, the marshal  Malinovski. In my opinion it is a very important day,not only for the history of this city but  for Serbia too . Serbia is building its future and while doing so  it must not forget its history, what is good and what is bad. 


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