Day of Europe celebrated

Regarding 9 May, Day of Europe, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov and the President of the City Assembly, Aleksandar Marton organised a reception for Emil Varadi, the Fist Secretary of the  Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Serbia and Tomasz Kilianski, the Chief Advisor for regional development Programme 2 regional social-economic development of Serbia.
Marton pointed out that every meeting with the representatives of EU countries was important, for many reasons, since those are the countries, our neighbours and the countries we cooperate with.
- The European Union is a good solution for the Republic of Serbia and during the talks we concluded that the dissemination  on EU is needed to inform  the public about it and its values, advantages, in spite of some disadvantages. However, what is important  for Zrenjanin is to attract investors, and 95% of them in our town are from the countries of EU, and these are the richest  countries  of the world and we need to continue the cooperation with them, and the main objective is a better life in Zrenjanin and the whole country and opening of new jobs– said  Marton.
Emil Varadi pointed out that his county supported our country so far on its way to EU expressing, at the same time, positive impressions of Zrenjanin. The accession of Serbia is truly supported since for Hungary it is important to have one more developed EU neighbour.
Tomasz Kilianski commended the local government for the achievements in previous years, having in mind the social and economic situation.
Today's talks included the threats and opportunities of Serbia's EU integrations based on the experiences of Hungary and Poland.
In the very heart of the City Center, an "Open Street of Europe" was organised as well as the concert of Music School choir "Josif Marinković" and "Arhaik" Orchestra in the City Garden.