Mrkšić: Delay of session - a basis for temporary measures

The Secretary  of the City Assembly, Milan Mrkšić states that the Assembly session canceling after 7 July  would provide a legislative basis for temporary injunction in the City Administration. "The report  of election results for the members of the City Assembly  at the elections held on 06.05.2012. was published on 07.05.2012. in the Official Gazette of the local weekly Issue No 12.
The conclusion on the Report correction was published on 11.05.2012. in the Official Gazette  of the City of Zrenjanin , Issue No 14.
It was concluded that the  Report correction  became in force  from the same date as the  Report.
Canceling of the Assembly session for the time after 07.07.2012. would provide legislative basis for the introducing of the temporary injunction measures into the City Administration pursuant to the Article 87 Local Government Act".