Holocaust in memorial

In memory of  all the Jew  victims in the Second World War and  their  deportation from  Zrenjanin, on 18. August 1941. a commemorative  meeting was held yesterday  on Zrenjanin Pedestrian Bridge. The prayer  for the dead was in Hadrian language  with the flowers streamed  down the  river.
On behalf of the Alliance of Jew Municipalities of Serbia the wraths were dropped into the river by Aleksandar Nećak and Danijela Danon, on behalf of Jew Municipality  Zrenjanin LJiljana Popov, and on  behalf of Zrenjanin City Dubravka Bengin Bulovan and Milan Mrkšić.
 Wraths were laid by the representatives of other Jew Municipalities of Serbia.

On  this occasion in the exhibition hall of  Zrenjanin  Historic Archive an exhibition  was opened "Justice Fighters of Serbia – about good people", by Nenad Fogel, Chairman of Jew Municipality Zemun.