Janjić and Dević visited Bijeljina

Yesterday Deputy Mayor, Čedomir Janjić and Mayor Deputy, Ivan Dević visited  Bijeljina, a city in Republika Srpska, having been invited by the Mayor Mićo Mićić to come for a city  celebration – St. Pantelemon.

The guests  had a reception  at the City Hall where the Mayor presented  Bijeljina  to them,  its achievements and major problems.
As  jointly  concluded there are many similarities between Bijeljina and Zrenjanin  so there are many opportunites for further cooperation in economy, culture and sport. There is a commont  wish to make  the two cities twin cities.  

During this  visit  Janjić  was a guest on the local “BN“ television,  together with Mayor Mićić and representatives of Sremska Mitrovica, Kruševac and Kumanovo.   
Ending the visit Deputy Mayor Čedomir Janjić invited the head people of Bijeljina to visit our city.