Reception for junior volleyball national teams of the Balkan countries

Today, the member of Zrenjanin City Council in charge of  sport, Zlatana Ankić gave a reception in the City Hall for the representatives of junior volleyball national teams, the participants of the Balkan  championships which is held in Zrenjanin from 7th to 11th August, as well as for the organisors of this  competition. Also the Assembly Secretary, Milan Mrkšić, was present at the reception as well  the member of the Provincial  assembly, Ivan Bošnjak. 
Our City is the host of one more international  sport event  and  junior   volleyball players of national teams of nine countries – Turkey, Moldavia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and  Serbia.
Zlatana Ankić welcomed the guests wishing them good results pointing out that Zrenjanin always has been a sport city and that it is still trying to continue this tradition though the financial funds are  rather limited.