Residential construction continued

Today Deputy Mayor Darko Karan and the member of the City Council, Dragiša Albulj met the  representatives of the Republic Housing Agency  and Ministry of Civil Engineering and Urbanism to discuss the  next stage of the welfare residential  construction and the  project impelementation in Zrenjanin.

Darko Karan estimated that Zrenjanin has done much in this field.
- Zrenjanin will be one of the first city partners which will, jointly with the World Bank, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic Housing Agency implement this project. It is good that locations have already been determined, one in Pančevačka street where 70 flats will be built, and another in Žarka Zrenjanina where 30 flats will be built –  Karan said.
According to him the City of Zrenjanin will provide land and infrastructure while Maja Lakićević from the Republic Housing Agency says that the funds will be provided partly by the City of Zrenjanin, partly by the Council of Europe Bank and republic budget.
It is expected to have the necessary documents by September and to prepare the project by the end of the year so that  the contractors  can  start construct next  construction season. The deadline for the works  finishing is 31 December 2014.