Special Vehicle to Banat paraplegics

A special vehicle designed for disabled people was donated by the Government of Japan to  the Association of Paraplegics of Banat in Novi Sad yesterday. This is one of the two  vehicles worth 25 thousand euro each, the other one was donated to the Association of Paraplegics of Srem. The keys were handed by His Excellency Toshio Tsunozaki, the Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Serbia, and, on the behalf of Banat Association the  Chairman of the Association, Goran Perlić received the vehicle  key. 

The Ambassador Tsunozaki emphasised that social welfare was one of the major sectors of Japanese support to the citizen of the Republic of Serbia, in spite Japan itself met the difficulties as a consequence of the last year's devastating earthquake. This donation, the Ambassador said, will help disabled people to integrate into the community more easily, expressing his hope that the relations between two countries and nations will progress further.
Goran Perlić, the Chairman of the Association of about 30 members, explained that these  disabled people could not use the city transportation and that the vehicle would  solve these problems.  

On behalf of Zrenjanin City, Zlatana Ankić, The City Council member, in charge of sport and youth, thanked to the people of Japan for the donation.

The representatives of Vojvodina Paraplegics Association and Ministry of Work and Social  Policy of the Republic of Serbia, local government and Srem Association were present  were present at the ceremony too.  The Government of Japan financially supports the project implementation which  will contribute to the economic and social development of Serbia. The main field of interest are environment and social protection. So far in Serbia 145 similar donations were implemented  since 1999.