Woman Minister Kalanović opened 13. INOCOOP

Today in Zrenjanin Sport  Hall the Fair of Innovations, Cooperation and Entrepreneurship  “INOCOOP 2012“, with more than 1,800 participants from Serbia and  abroad.
The Mayor of Zrenjanin, Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sci. welcomed the guests including Woman Minister Verica Kalanović and Minister Goran Knežević.
- I wish you to welcome you warmly and  to be hosted in a true Banat way, to  host the guests with an open heart hoping that the next  fair will  be organized during the "Beer Days". I wish many new fruitful contacts to business people as well both to their own benefit and to the benefit of this city  –  Bošnjak said.      

Opening the Fair, the Woman Minister of Regional Development and local Self-government Verica Kalanović said “in Serbia it is a great courage to be an entrepreneur“ announcing that new supporting measures will be adopted at today's government session.
- That is our job, to  make business  easier, to fight together with you in future, and your  job is to work to be creative, to develop small and medium  companies providing new jobs, increasing  export and production and more funds in the budget – was the message of the Woman Minister Kalanović.
She, talking to present guest, including the former Mayor of Zrenjanin, now the Minister of Agriculture, Goran Knežević, siad that Zrenjanin Fair was specific being an economic center of Banat emphasizing that foreign visitors could find their interest  at this fair as well.
The President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Zrenjanin Milan Radovanović reminded that up to now more than 1.850 exhibitors were at these 13 fairs including various economic branches.
- There are more than 200 entrepreneurs, companies, agencies, centers, local governments, funds and banks from Serbia and abroad on one hand, and on the other there are more than  fifty  food and agriculture producers - said Radovanović.
He added that business meetings, round tables, presentations etc would be organized during the Fair which will contribute to the better informing of the participants and experience  exchanging. 
The main topic of this year's fair is employment through entrepreneurship and opening of new investment programmes.
“INOCOOP“ Fair was organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Zrenjanin and General Association of Entrepreneurs in the cooperation with Tourist Center of Zrenjanin City.