Schwabisch Hall High school students in Zrenjanin

Deputy Mayor of Zrenjanin, Čedomir Janjić and Dubravka Bulovan Bengin, member of City Council, gave a reception today in the City Hall for the  high school students of Zrenjanin Grammar School and their guests  from Grammar School "Saint Mihael" from the German City Schwabisch Hall.
Deputy Mayor Janjić presented the City of Zrenjanin pointing out that the cooperation between  the high schools is important, that it has become traditional  and that students are very happy with positive impressions.
Teachers Ahim Stark and AnaVajpert say they are delighted with nice friendly people  here and warm welcome wherever  they go.
The principal of  Zrenjanin Grammar School says he hopes the cooperation will continue in coming years.
The guests will see Belgrade and Novi Sad as well .