''Levi 9'' Company Provided Computer Lab at TF ''Mihajlo Pupin''

The Company in the field of Information technologies "Levi 9 IT Service", which last year started a successful cooperation with the City of Zrenjanin and Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", has opened the latest computer lab at this  faculty today. This  cooperation segment, as  pointed  out, proved once again that "Levi 9" Company managed to implement its original idea to  establish a perspective IT Center in  Zrenjanin  by employing a certain number of young professionals of this field, with the tendency to increase this number .  
Today's opening of the  computer lab  was attended  by  special  advisor to the Minister of Sport and Youth, Marija Mitić, Deputy Mayor of the City of Zrenajnin, Duško Radišić, Manager  of "Levi 9" Company for Serbia,  Jan Dolinaj and the Dean  of TF "Mihajlo Pupin" prof.  Milan Pavlović , Ph.D.  with  his associates.
Speaking about the project Marija Mitić said that the National Strategy for the Young defined one  of the most important  goals -  providing  conditions for  higher employment.
- Last year the Ministry of  Youth and Sport started the communication with several local communities initiating  the approaching to  the "real sector" of that part of the population, which,  as we  all can witness, is trying to find  its future abroad. Opening of  the laboratories such as this one providing the employment  for young people  is actually the proof that the perspective does exist. I  congratulate  all the participants in this project, called "Get a  Job Through Education" – city of Zrenjanin, Technical Faculty and "Levi 9" Company – on a very good cooperation – said Marija Mitić.
- We have managed, thanks to the project  supported  by the Ministry of Youth and Sport to employ 30 young people and that is a true result of our efforts to keep  young people in the city – said the Deputy Mayor, Duško Radišić, adding that the trainings were provided by our institutions of higher education, and that it  was proved to be  a  right decision.
The Dutch-Serbian Company "Levi9 IT Service", already operating in Novi Sad, is the first IT company which has the rented office in  the  very center of Zrenjanin employing about 30 people and opening this  modern computer lab.
- This is  the next stage of the project which our Company is implementing jointly  with  Zrenjanin City and Technical faculty and our aim is to support and help the Faculty in training of new students and employees. The most important is  the fact that the students will have the place where they can acquire new knowledge and it is actually  our mission  for this Faculty  – pointed out the manager of "Levi 9" Company for Serbia, Jan Dolinaj.
The Dean of the Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" prof. Milan Pavlović, Ph.D. said that the opening of this lab was very important for Zrenjanin higher education institution.
- "Levi 9" Company is already present at our Faculty employing  graduates who are supposed to establish  the new software center. This is one more  new  and positive experience for us, such as the one with the company "NIS Gasprom Njeft", which invested in the  Faculty – said the Dean.