''Vuk Karadžić'' Diplomas and Awards to Best Students in 2014/15

Traditionally, after the finished school year, the ceremony of  awarding  was recognised in the City Hall for the best students of the final grades of the primary and secondary schools of Zrenjanin City.
For the school year 2014/15 "Vuk Karadžić" diplomas were awarded to the best students of primary /185/ and secondary schools /107/ and the best students of each generation. The awards included books and swimming pool pass. 
The Head of the School Administration for three Banat Districts, Staniša Banjanin and the Mayor of Zrenjanin City Čedomir Janjić and his Deputy, Saša Santovac, handed the diplomas and awards to the students. 
Congratulating them on  their success, Banjanin said that the diplomas were the result of hard work and talents in many fields.
- We all would like you to finish  your studies and come back to Zrenjanin so we  can jointly recover  it  and make it one of the biggest industrial centers as it used to be in the Former Yugoslavia – said Banjanin.
The Mayor also congratulated the students. His message to   finished primary school students was to   keep on and to be as successful as they were in primary school, and the message to  the finished secondary students was to  come  back to the  city after finishing their studies and contribute to its further development .
- It is always a great pleasure to be around the best, and you are the best, you are the wealth of this city. I congratulate you sincerely wishing you further success – said the Mayor Janjić.
The City Library "Žarko Zrenjanin" provided the books as awards.