Award of the Fund ''Todor Manojlović'' to Saša Rakezić - Aleksandar Zograf

Saša Rakezić, a comic author from Pančevo, was awarded in the City Hall on Friday for modern art sensibility by the Fund  "Todor Manojlović" . 
This year's  award was handed to the winner by  Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly.
Saša Rakezić, alias Aleksandar Zograf, who  has been publishing comics since 1986 in various magazines, was very satisfied, as he said, that this type of art is finally recognized. Comic is a creative activity since it combines drawing  and literature. For him comic is a  part of every day life.

Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City assembly reminded that Todor, Manojlović, a writer, translator, critic promoted the idea of Europe all his life and that the City is going to support further this Fund.
The Fund  was founded by the City Library in  Zrenjanin in  1991 aiming to promote the work of  Todor Manojlović. As written in the explanation 2011 award was  given to a comic author due to its multi disciplinary art character, sincerity with no  compromise and unique art expression.