Housing policy and housing agency management

Today in multimedia room a training within EXCHANGE 3 programme was held referring to the project -  Strengthening of  capacities for local housing policy management and new  housing agency management“, supported by Standing  Conference of Towns  and Cities and EU.
There were  the representatives of the Ministry of Construction and Urbanism and  representatives of the cities of  Zaječar, Smederevska Palanka and Novi Sad.

Deputy Mayor Darko Karan  pointed out that housing was a very important topic – flat building and social  flats and that a socially responsible society  should discuss this subject.
-This is important because all the data, both in Serbia and our city, are hardly satisfying. Comparative data with the cities of  Novi Sad and Zaječar show that  the City of Zrenjanin has a deficit  regarding housing fund. The reason for it is the  ratio of  household number, i.e.  46,500 and flat number, i.e. 47,000 which obviously shows that a new campaign for flat  building should be started. The previous period was not the best one since the state subventioned  loans increased flat prices. We would  like to try another way and to have the state participate but to lower the price of flat building so that citizens can  buy flats at more favourable  terms – said Karan, stating that  Zrenjanin is on right path but Niš and Kragujevac are ahead of it..
- I think  Zrenjanin is the next city where new 100 flats will contribute to this development – concluded Karan.