Study of Land Afforestation by GIZ for Zrenjanin City

The representatives of the Agency for International Cooperation GIZ handed the Study of Land Afforestation to  Zrenjanin City Administration. The fast-growing trees which would be used as biomass fuel for the City boilers. This project is being implemented in several other cities in Serbia, but what distinguishes Zrenjanin from the others is that land to be used for willow growing,  is classified as class five, i.e. the worst  quality land that can not be used for anything else.
-Threes are planted,  cut after three years, processed into biomass obtaining not only cheap but energy efficient fuel -  GIZ says emphasising that much more  biomass  can be got  from willow than from corn grown at the same-size parcel.
Zrenjanin Heating Plant has been planning for several years to build a biomass boiler. But funds necessary for this are not available either in the Plant or the City, so one of the optional solution was PP partnership. It is not only the expensive boiler but also the necessary biomass quantity. In that regard the fast-growing tress could be useful.
- Last year, during a study visit to Germany, organised by GIZ, we had the opportunity to see how their so called rotating plantations work. Also we visited an Institute in Bavarian  District engaged in biomass quality research. That Institute is interested in the establishing of cooperation  with the Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin“ in Zrenjanin, where a laboratory for  biomass and energy efficiency would be opened – says Deputy Mayor Duško Radišić.
He explains that this idea and the Study came out tf the wish of the local government to provide cheaper heating fro citizens. Other advantages include afforestation, and in time, soil quality improvement.
- Public Communal Company “City Heating Plant“ has already prepare PPP project and  its implementation could start  even before  planting since there are plenty of wood producers in Serbia.
If we, say, plant a tree this year, in three years we would have the capacities of Zrenjanin Heating Plant – points out Radišić adding that, according to the Study of Leipzig Institute the most favourable parcels are in Mužlja, Aradac  and  Čenta.