Solving of problems in village administrative offices

City Administration decided to visit village and city local administrative offices to get information about the biggest problems – said Deputy Mayor Čedomir Janjić, during the visit to Local Administrative Office Perlez.
- Mostly in all villages the biggest problem is faecal sewage. However, the citizens of Perlez had recognized the need for the building of faecal sewage system and had the project  finished, so now  they can apply for funding of the Province and Republic authorities so that we can jointly provide the funds for the implementation of this project – said Janjić.
The Head of the City Section for  local offices, Dragan Ćapin, visited Perley too, and Miloš Minić, the secretary of the Local office Perlez said that it always had a good cooperation  with the City Administration and that now it  is even more developed.
- The villages were asked to provide the information about the biggest problems so that a data base is formed and solutions are found. As in life, there are many problems. Unfortunately, some of them cannot be solved so quickly and easily, and one of them is certainly fecal sewage system. We have already got the funds from the  province and the project is designed. Necessary documents are prepared, and hopefully, jointly with the City Administration we will manage to implement it – explained Minić.
As he added, firstly the feasibility of the project will be proved through a survey. There are other ten projects to be implemented.